Sustainability at Work 



The healthcare providers and movement instructors at the Hawthorne Wellness Center are deeply concerned about the environment. We are committed to operating the facilities in ways that are sensitive to how we use and reuse our resources.

  • Storm water management. The dry creek bed in the back garden is more than a nice-looking feature. The whole system acts as a bioswale. Most of the downspouts from the clinic and from our neighbor, The Third Eye, have been disconnected, allowing the water to run into our parking lot. The runoff is then diverted into the creek bed during the rainy months and winds up in the catch-basin/pond area. The water runoff from both buildings and parking lots is absorbed in the garden and kept out of the sewer system.
  • Electricity. Green Source, PGE’s renewable energy program provides us with electricity that is 50 percent wind, 25 percent geothermal, and 25 percent low-impact hydroelectric from existing resources. Normally, up to 50 percent of commercial electricity comes from polluting, non-renewable coal sources.
  • Lights. Most of the lights in the clinic are compact or regular fluorescents. All outside lights are on electric eyes: they automatically come on when it gets dark and go off when it gets light.
  • Heating and cooling. We replaced two old oil burners with brand new, high-efficiency natural gas furnaces. Both air conditioning units are high efficiency. In the studio, the heat pump is brand new and highly efficient. All heating and air conditioning units have new high-tech electrostatic air filters and thermostats.
  • Appliances. Both the washer and drier are high efficiency and the front-loading washer also saves water.
  • Recycling. The clinic has a recycling center, where we gather and sort as much as we can to recycle.
  • Bike racks. We have installed two bike racks in front of the building, one in the rear, and a nine-bike rack near the studio. Most instructors give a discount to students who walk, bus, or bike to class.
  • Gold certification. We have achieved GOLD certification status by the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

    “Congratulations to Hawthorne Wellness for reaching Sustainability at Work’s Gold level! It’s a real pleasure to be able to recognize your efforts and achievement. You scored so high in our certification program that we may need to create a platinum level to keep pushing you!”