Dr. Scott Haines has moved

to Laurelhurst Family Clinic


Scott Haines, DC

Laurelhurst Family Clinic

4410 NE Glisan St


Dr. Haines brings a wealth of life experience to his practice. Prior to moving to Portland he enjoyed working in the IT industry both domestically and overseas, and earned his Master’s degree in project management from George Washington University. In addition, he holds AAS and BFA degrees from RIT in Rochester, New York. Dr. Haines earned his doctoral degree from Western States University, where he later served as part-time faculty in their clinical sciences department.

Dr. Haines has extensive post-graduate education in the pathophysiology and mechanics of auto accident-related injury, diagnosis, and treatment, with an emphasis on low back and neck biomechanics and the mechanisms of “whiplash injury.” He treats patients with a wide variety of presentations, ranging from acute injuries stemming from automobile accidents and sports injuries to chronic pain and discomfort related to postural and muscle imbalances or overuse injuries. He has a special appreciation for those injuries experienced while working in an office environment, such as carpal tunnel-related symptoms, “wry neck” and upper back pain from spending long hours at a computer. Having worked in office settings himself, he understands how pervasive and limiting these symptoms can be.

Dr. Haines had the honor of training and working with the preeminent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw specialist in Portland, Dr. Arthur Parker, DMD, where he learned cutting edge techniques for treating TMJ or jaw-related disorders. He thoroughly understands the complexity of the TMJ region and the surrounding structures, and has a high level of skill in addressing dysfunction in these areas. He prides himself on being one of the few TMJ specialists here in Portland.

Dr. Haines takes the time to understand the underlying causes of a patient’s condition and makes sure the patient understands the details, in plain language, before treatment. Using a variety of tools such as Craniosacral Therapy, Graston Technique, other low-force procedures and diversified adjustments, he creates a plan aimed at addressing those causes, bringing the patient to a state of wellness and preventing repeat episodes. Dr. Haines leverages the services of Hawthorne Wellness Center’s other practitioners as appropriate to help address patient issues, including soft tissue injury, nutritional needs, and further diagnosis of systemic disorders. Under his care, the patient plays a key role in obtaining a successful outcome. In addition to in-office adjustments, Dr. Haines emphasizes the importance of addressing the triggers to the patient’s symptoms and helps develop a rehabilitation plan that often includes nutritional recommendations, stretching and strengthening exercises. Dr. Haines has an active yoga practice and may also include various aspects of yoga in a patient’s rehabilitation.

Dr. Haines enjoys many outdoor activities including cross-country skiing, hiking, paragliding, and camping, but can most often be found rock or ice climbing somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.