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Many people come to counseling at a low point in their lives. Sometimes, if a person is facing difficult events or dealing with challenging emotions, family or friends may encourage them to seek counseling. In other cases, those whose lives may seem to be on an even keel may feel stuck in one or another area of personal development and look to counseling to help them move ahead. Alternately, a person may simply desire something more from life, and seek the aid of a counselor to help them create what it is they wish to establish in their lives. Counseling can be a great support in many different ways.

At Hawthorne Wellness Center, the counseling relationship starts with a free, 30-minute in-person or telephone consultation. During this initial consultation, the potential client and counselor get a chance to speak to one another, ask each other pertinent questions, and discover whether or not they have a good rapport. This is vital, as research shows that the single most important marker of a positive therapeutic outcome is a solid therapeutic relationship.

Counseling is not an instant fix, of course, but over the first few visits, as a connection is made, a safe space is created where the client’s emotions and thoughts can rise to the surface and be expressed; once this has occurred, the counselor and client can together start to map a path towards healing.

Sheri Blue, LCSW, CADC I

Sheri Blue, LCSW, CADC I


Sheri graduated from Portland State University and is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). She has earned certificates in both alcohol and drug counseling (CADC I) and in gerontology. Sheri is also a licensed massage therapist.