3942 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Hawthorne Wellness Center

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Our Wellness Center

Hawthorne Wellness Center is a multi-disciplinary health clinic focused on its patients, community and sustainability, and located near the corner of Cesar Chavez and Hawthorne Boulevard. We offer a broad spectrum of integrative, evidence–based healthcare disciplines to help our community get well, be well, and stay well, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, counseling, family medicine, massage therapy, and naturopathic medicine.

We are located at 3942 SE Hawthorne Blvd

How We Help

We help patients achieve optimal health through a variety of healthcare disciplines.

Family Medicine

Our family physician is a medical doctor (MD) with specialty training in women’s health, pediatrics, adult medicine, geriatrics, and behavioral health. Family physicians are primary care providers who focus on preventative health, nutrition, and patient education with a holistic approach to the care of the body and the mind.


The acupuncturists in our clinic are adept at managing a wide variety of conditions, with particular focus on pain management, chemotherapy-related side effects (including nausea), fertility and women’s issues, headaches and migraines, and fibromyalgia.


Our approach to chiropractic at Hawthorne Wellness Center is distinctive in that we utilize the latest available research and clinical evidence to guide our treatment. We also strive to find solutions to each individual’s needs and help empower patients to take an active part in managing their conditions.


During your initial 30 minute consultation, the potential client and counselor will get a chance to talk to one another, ask each other pertinent questions, and discover whether or not they have a good rapport. This is vital, as research shows that the single most important signifier of a positive therapeutic outcome is a solid therapeutic relationship.


Therapists at our clinic specialize in deep tissue massage and sports massage blending years of experience into focused, patient-specific care.

Naturopathic Medicine

The core principle guiding naturopathy is the healing power of nature: naturopathic medicine utilizes natural therapies to prevent and treat dis-ease. Naturopathic physicians believe that the body possesses innate healing mechanisms and that if supported sufficiently, these mechanisms can guide the patient back to health.