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Sheri Blue, LCSW, CADC I

An alumna of Portland State University, Sheri Blue is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), who has earned certificates in both alcohol and drug counseling (CADC I) and in gerontology.

Sheri's clients seek her support in addressing anxiety, depression, addiction, and in responding to significant life changes. In addition, as a witness to the trauma that may be caused by motor vehicle accidents, Sheri offers counseling to treat the emotional injuries that can result from such an experience.

Understanding that individuals in any circumstances may find themselves both emotionally and behaviorally stuck, Sheri believes counseling can help clients free themselves from old beliefs and patterns. To this end, she encourages those with whom she works to identify and implement changes that will aid them in breaking old habits and creating the life they want to live.

Collaborative, nonjudgmental, and warm, Sheri utilizes a strengths-based, client-centered approach. Her work draws from psychodynamic theory, control mastery, motivational interviewing, stages of change theory, and the mindfulness model. She continues to study Hakomi and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). A longtime member of Hawthorne Wellness Center, she collaborates with practitioners in other modalities and, when needed, refers clients for alternative and traditional care.

When not working with clients, Sheri keeps busy with her friends, her family, and her home. She has a bachelor's degree in literature and likes to read, write, knit, and work out.

Sheri is also a licensed massage therapist. More information about her massage practice can be found at the HWC massage page. Additional information about her counseling practice can be found at sheriblue.com.

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